A Peaceful Life Begins with a Change of Thinking about Chronic Stress as an Inevitable Way of Life.

Welcome to the website of Kalinda Rose Stevenson, Ph.D. The purpose of this site is to ask why feeling stressed-out by the ordinary stresses of daily life has become the dominant way of life for so many people. The focus of the site is on chronic stress rather than traumatic stress experiences resulting from wars, catastrophes such as floods, fires, and hurricanes, or violence by dangerous people.

Many methods exist to manage stress, relieve stress, tame stress, control stress, or reduce stress…the list is long of ways to refer to chronic stress.

Rather than consider such methods, the focus of this site is to think about what you think about chronic stress in your life.

What are the basic assumptions, beliefs, ideas, and actions that treat stressed-out as inevitable? What changes in assumptions, beliefs, ideas, and actions would lead to a peaceful life?

The ultimate goal of this website is to replace thinking that feeling stressed-out is an inevitable fact of life with thinking about how to live a peaceful life.  A peaceful life begins with a change of thinking about chronic stress as an inevitable way of life.

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